Solar Batteries

Batteries for solar panels

We have the necessary products for your solar electric power generation project!

A photovoltaic system generates electricity from solar radiation captured by installed solar panels. The electrical energy generated is stored in solar batteries so that it can be used when required, even at night or when there is low solar radiation.

In this case, the most commonly used batteries are deep-cycle batteries, which are mainly divided according to their components:

Gel batteries: They are mostly used in photovoltaic systems for residential use. Being more resistant to blows and extreme temperatures, they are ideal for constant consumption and a long useful life.

AGM Batteries: These are lead-acid batteries that can withstand higher temperatures, used for generators that require high maximum discharges.

Lithium batteries: Lithium batteries for solar panels can last up to 10 years, which is why they are preferred in those projects where the useful life of the product is prioritized.

The batteries for solar panels should be chosen according to the characteristics of the project: size of the photovoltaic system to be installed, energy consumption and considering that it is within the available budget.

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